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Voucher Paka od Polaka worth 50 euros

Voucher Paka od Polaka worth 50 euros

50,00 € gross
TBM sticks tygryski stuffed strawberry 60g On special offer

TBM sticks tygryski stuffed strawberry 60g

0,87 € gross1,09 € gross
Wasa light rye bread 140g

Wasa light rye bread 140g

1,99 € gross
Magnat choco cherry candy 40g New in

Magnat choco cherry candy 40g

1,89 € gross
K2 leather cleaning fluid 250ml New in

K2 leather cleaning fluid 250ml

4,09 € gross
Wedel ptasie mleczko karmelowe 340g On special offer

Wedel ptasie mleczko karmelowe 340g

2,79 € gross3,49 € gross
Boromir cozonac cream cake 450g

Boromir cozonac cream cake 450g

4,49 € gross
Goong mushrooms shITake dried 30g On special offer

Goong mushrooms shITake dried 30g

1,91 € gross2,39 € gross
Wawel Blueberry chocolate 100g New in

Wawel Blueberry chocolate 100g

1,49 € gross
Delecta carrot cake 410g

Delecta carrot cake 410g

2,79 € gross
Veres Zucchini Paste Extra 500g New in

Veres Zucchini Paste Extra 500g

1,89 € gross
Voucher Paka od Polaka worth 25 euros

Voucher Paka od Polaka worth 25 euros

25,00 € gross
Ziaja goat milk moisturizing cream 50ml On special offer

Ziaja goat milk moisturizing cream 50ml

2,95 € gross3,69 € gross
Mlekovita clarified butter 500g New in

Mlekovita clarified butter 500g

11,59 € gross
Vifon zupa polskie smaki pomidorowa 65g On special offer

Vifon zupa polskie smaki pomidorowa 65g

0,55 € gross0,69 € gross


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Water to add health and strength

Experts agree that we should drink up to 1.5 to 2 liters of fluids a day - on hot days or when there is a lot of physical activity, the fluid supply should be even higher. The healthiest choice for our bodies will be herbal teas and infusions, as well as mineral or spring water. It will hydrate the body, take part in transporting oxygen, nutrients, removing toxins, promoting absorption of food in the intestines. Proper hydration is also a recipe for maintaining a youthful appearance for years to come. So in pace from the Pole we have gathered a wide range of mineral and spring waters from Polish manufacturers. On our shelves you will find products that are hardly or not at all available in foreign stores. We offer high-mineralized waters of such brands as Muszynianka, Staropolanka, Piwniczanka, medium and low-mineralized waters such as Nałęczowianka, Cisowianka, Kinga Pienińska, Krople Beskidu, Dobrowianka, Ustronianka Biała and many others. Our customers will also find natural spring waters in the range of beverages from Polskie. They are available in various capacities - from small bottles, which are easy to pack into a child's school backpack or purse, to the 5-liter ones. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the exact composition of each of the mineral and spring waters offered by our store and choose the one that will not only quench your thirst, but also have a positive effect on the health and fitness of your body.

Sweet drinks for every occasion

Although doctors and nutritionists recommend avoiding sweet and carbonated drinks, they are often found in our shopping carts. Consumed from time to time, they do not pose a health risk. At Paka od Polaka you can order the iconic ones made in Poland. We offer traditional orangeades, drinks with bubbles, lemonades, sparkling drinks and drinks with added vitamins. In our store they are available in different capacities and flavors. They will perfectly quench your thirst on hot days, as well as complement the menu at a party or garden party. On their basis you will also create tasty cocktails and drinks - youstarif you add some percentages, ice cubes, juice and a colorful straw. Polish oranges will also be loved by the youngest household members, who can consume them solo or mixed with additives. At Paka od Polaka tostarwe honor not only Polish flavors, but also health. That's why we make sure that our assortment includes high-quality products with good ingredients. We have prepared our offer of carbonated beverages in such a way that lovers of both traditional and BIO versions of Polish bubbly beverages can find something for themselves. So you can pack into your shopping cart carbonated drinks with reduced sugar content, without added preservatives, artificial colors and flavor enhancers.

(Not) only water will add strength and energy

Just a few sips of water sweatrafi refresh and energize, but if you feel like a little variety add energy and isotonic drinks to your order. Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, they allow you to replenish your energy during particularly hot days, training, high physical effort. Our store offers them in several versions smakowych, as well as in BIO edition without added sugar. In their production, whole fruits (juice, pulp, peel), essential oils, as well as mineral water are used. The assortment of healthy drinks is also complemented by those based on aloe vera, pickles, coconut, which are a great addition to the daily diet. If you are lactose intolerant, on the other hand, we offer you soy, rice, almond and oat drinks.

Polish juices

Creating a section with Polish drinks, we could not forget about juices. Healthy and nutritious, they are full servings of vitamins and minerals. Their advantages are impossible to list: they quench thirst, give energy, take care of health. Tasty and nutritious ones will be a great addition to lunch, afternoon tea or breakfast, while vegetable ones will be a quick snack during the day. At Paka od Polaka you will find juices in many flavors. You can choose between fruit and vegetable ones or bet on a mix. Tostarwe bring to you both those in large cardboard boxes and smaller ones in plastic bottles. To the Islands, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, we canstardo fruit drinks from brands such as Tymbark or Tarczyn. Also visit the store Paka od Polaka if you are looking for juices like from grandma's cellar. Our assortment also includes BIO fruit juices, which are created without added flavors, water, sugars They are created directly by nature and squeeze the best out of fruits. They boast very good compositions, as well as the natural taste of fruits straight from the orchard. It is thanks to this that their nutritional values are almost identical to the fruits themselves. BIO juices in Paka od Polaka are those from apples, chokeberries, cherries, raspberries, currants, pears, plums, elderberries. We also offer fruit syrups in the same flavors, which are easily dissolved in water and make a tasty drink for lunch or dinner, as well as during seasonal colds and convalescence.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
1500kilometrów i 120 artykułów w tym około 20 słoików, i wszystko dotarło w całości. Maga szacun dla ekipy pakującej. Jestem bardzo zadowolony i polecam ten sklep z czystym sumieniem. Szybka realizacja, dobre ceny i dbałość o to, żebyś dostał swoje produkty w stanie nienaruszonym. Brawo!
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