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Vifon zupa polskie smaki pomidorowa 65g On special offer

Vifon zupa polskie smaki pomidorowa 65g

0,55 € gross0,69 € gross
Boromir cozonac cream cake 450g

Boromir cozonac cream cake 450g

4,49 € gross
Delecta carrot cake 410g

Delecta carrot cake 410g

2,79 € gross
Wasa light rye bread 140g

Wasa light rye bread 140g

1,99 € gross
Voucher Paka od Polaka worth 25 euros

Voucher Paka od Polaka worth 25 euros

25,00 € gross
Goong mushrooms shITake dried 30g On special offer

Goong mushrooms shITake dried 30g

1,91 € gross2,39 € gross
Ziaja goat milk moisturizing cream 50ml On special offer

Ziaja goat milk moisturizing cream 50ml

2,95 € gross3,69 € gross
Mlekovita clarified butter 500g New in

Mlekovita clarified butter 500g

11,59 € gross
Magnat choco cherry candy 40g New in

Magnat choco cherry candy 40g

1,89 € gross
Veres Zucchini Paste Extra 500g New in

Veres Zucchini Paste Extra 500g

1,89 € gross
Voucher Paka od Polaka worth 50 euros

Voucher Paka od Polaka worth 50 euros

50,00 € gross
Wawel Blueberry chocolate 100g New in

Wawel Blueberry chocolate 100g

1,49 € gross
Wedel ptasie mleczko karmelowe 340g On special offer

Wedel ptasie mleczko karmelowe 340g

2,79 € gross3,49 € gross
TBM sticks tygryski stuffed strawberry 60g On special offer

TBM sticks tygryski stuffed strawberry 60g

0,87 € gross1,09 € gross
K2 leather cleaning fluid 250ml New in

K2 leather cleaning fluid 250ml

4,09 € gross


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Bread from Poland

Crispy bread crust. Hot rolls. Crispy toast with jam for breakfast. Dry bread packed in a backpack for a trip to the mountains. Bread is one of the most Polish products. Products from the Vistula River are known and appreciated all over the world. You can't buy such bread or rolls as in Poland anywhere. No wonder, then, that when asked what they miss most, emigrants answer that Polish bread. Our store will allow you to soothe those longings and return to familiar flavors. Brought straight from Polish bakeries, baked from high-quality ingredients, it evokes memories of a warm home, the smell and taste of childhood.

For breakfast, for dinner, for lunch

Bread is one of the basic components of the daily diet. It is the basis of a balanced menu and takes second place after vegetables and fruits in the food pyramid. According to the recommendations of specialists, we should consume about 5 servings of cereals daily, for example, in the form of a slice of bread for breakfast, dinner or afternoon tea, oatmeal with fruit, cereal wafers or dry bread. Cereals provide the body with up to 30% of the daily energy needs of the body, this is due to the fact that it is rich in complex carbohydrates, these carbohydrates are used by the brain for work and learning. The health benefits of bread from Paka od Polaka go hand in hand with their smakowymi qualities. Crunchy bread or fresh rolls are enjoyed not only by Poles. Our native products are also loved by Islanders, who appreciate its smakowe qualities, as well as its healthy composition. In our store you will find products that do not contain preservatives and artificial colors. So it is fresh, fragrant and distinguished by its taste. Our store regularly tostaror you the necessary bakery products that will allow you to prepare tasty and nutritious meals. You will create breakfast from it, and you can also serve it with soups or meats. Bread and rolls are also essential products for preparing a tasty dinner or afternoon tea for the whole family.

Bread like from grandma's oven

Bread and rolls are one of the many things Poland is famous for. Nowhere is bread as delicious and fragrant, and nowhere will you find so many varieties of bread or rolls. In our store you will find both traditional-white and whole-grain-dark ones. The offer includes wheat breads, rye breads, wholemeal breads, on sourdough, with a variety of additives. They are made from the highest quality ingredients, specially selected and sourced from Poland. They are baked according to traditional recipes from the Vistula River. As a result, it boasts a soft and moist center - simply melting in the mouth - and a full-flavored, crunchy crust. In addition to its fanatical taste, the bread also delights with a fragrance that fills the whole house. The unique taste, smell and freshness of our bakery products are due to the fact that they are baked without artificial additives and preservatives. In addition to traditional breads, we also offer those based on the latest recipes ideal for vegans or gluten-insensitive people. In order to satisfy all customers' needs, in addition to delicious breads, various types of rolls, toasted breads, crisp breads or mixes for self-baking are also available at Paka od Polaka. The wide assortment makes it possible for even the biggest non-eaters to stock their pantry to capacity at the Paka od Polaka store. What's more, you will do your shopping in our store without leaving home, standing in traffic jams, queues, without carrying heavy nets.

Long-term breads

There are some foods that are always worth having at home. One of them is bread with a long expiration date. Contrary to what you might think, this is not highly processed bread with lots of preservatives, but healthy long-term breads. In Paka od Polaka they hide under the name of dry bread. With its help you can always prepare nutritious sandwiches at any time. Dry bread tastes great with vegetables, sandwich pastes, cold meats, as well as served sweet. It will also be a good snack at home, traveling or out on the town. They will be liked by those who want to eat healthily and also lose a few extra pounds. At Paka od Polaka, this type of bread is available not only in its natural edition, but also with smakowymi additives that will enhance its taste. A tasty choice will be dry bread with additions of herbs, seeds or dried vegetables.

Bread of your own baking

At Paka od Polaka there are not only breads, rolls and other bakery products, but also products that make it easier to bake your own. Special mixtures will make baking bread or rolls manageable even for an amateur in the kitchen. They combine basic products that will allow you to bake bread that is plump on the inside and crispy on the outside. At Paka od Polaka you can choose from several different mixes, so you can bake not only white, but also wholemeal or rye bread or rolls with your own hands. The mixes will allow you to enjoy delicious bread every day - always fresh, healthy and nutritious

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
1500kilometrów i 120 artykułów w tym około 20 słoików, i wszystko dotarło w całości. Maga szacun dla ekipy pakującej. Jestem bardzo zadowolony i polecam ten sklep z czystym sumieniem. Szybka realizacja, dobre ceny i dbałość o to, żebyś dostał swoje produkty w stanie nienaruszonym. Brawo!
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